As a third generation, family owned business, we have dedicated ourselves to keeping our promise to engineer and produce reliable, custom designed machinery for the meat and food industries. Our equipment provides engineering differences that stand up to your bottom line and closest scrutiny.

Our promise to you: only the finest quality materials are used, 100% stainless steel that is precision welded, not bolted, providing a strong, unibody construction in each piece.

Our story begins in 1959 when FPEC founders John H. Davison and Armond Villian were concerned about how food processing manufacturers were treating their customers. Unresponsive service, late equipment and a lack of innovation were part of a process they wanted no part of. These issues contributed to their desire to become game changers for the Food Processing Equipment industry.

So Davison and Villian took action. They designed a 20’ x 20’ FPEC sign and hung it on a metal shed located in the rear of a busy lumberyard in Bellflower, California in 1959. Their first big invention, the Pickle Injector!

But it wasn’t enough to design and manufacture food processing equipment. They wanted their customers to know that there was meaning, purpose, and dedication to everything they do from engineering to manufacturing. FPEC was not going to leave a customer behind or in the dark or to figure something out themselves. They will be with them for the long haul.

Business soon outgrew the humble beginnings of the small metal shed and in the fall of the founding year, FPEC moved to Vernon, California in a 1,500 square foot building in the lot behind a meat plant. Working closely with the meat plant enabled Davison and Villian to begin turning their focus to more complex innovations and equipment.

In 1963, the first dedicated 3,000 square foot manufacturing facility was established in Maywood, CA. Producing such equipment as conveyors, tables, tanks and breading machines. It was here that engineering plans were created for one of FPEC’s most popular machines, the Incline Ground Meat Conveyor and Beef Fabrication Equipment.

Again, growth constituted another facility move in 1967 to a 3,200 square foot plant conveniently located just down the street. The following year, FPEC acquired the building next door, providing an additional 3,200 square feet manufacturing floor space.

In 1977, FPEC manufactured its first Blender, and entered in the manufacturing market of larger, more sophisticated equipment and systems. This facilitated yet another move to Santa Fe Springs with 6,000 square feet.

1990 witnessed the manufacturing and distribution facility expansion to the central U.S., with the opening of a new 12,000 square foot headquarters in Springdale, Arkansas. With two U.S. offices, opportunity was afforded to customers worldwide. The Springdale facility continued its growth, and expansion was eminent. In 1993, a substantial capital investment brought forth an additional 24,000 square feet, manufacturing equipment to all markets and adding capabilities such as increased volume and set-up of complete systems in house.

In the 2000’s, another 40,000 square foot expansion was necessary to keep up with product demand. As progress continued, FPEC became widely-recognized as a global equipment manufacturing leader for the meat, poultry, prepared foods, and pet food industries with a reputation for innovative, outside-the-box ideas since 1959.

In 2018, FPEC added a third building to the Springdale complex, it comprises 30,000 square foot, FPEC is housing Corporate offices in this building, as well as additional manufacturing space.

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